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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do you need to get in shape?


This plan is clearly not a typical weight loss system, just as Michaels is not your typical weight loss trainer or coach. She applies her own unique perspective to making weight loss more effective, accessible and manageable with an exclusive three-pronged approach of effectively identifying goals and weaknesses, eating right, and results producing exercise; all problem areas which most plans fail to address in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. Michaels, also provides dieters with a good dose of support so that they can build up their motivation and commitment to achieve a new healthy lifestyle.

Newcomers to her program will no doubt be happy to see that the Jillian Michaels program kicks off with a personalized assessment based on activity level, body type, and personal goals. This kind of customized assessment often makes the difference between getting a good start on a weight loss plan, and starting on murky footing, which has doomed many a dieter to diet failure. If you would like to use her program in conjunction with a quality fat burner that will also provide an awesome energy to help you enjoy the exercise, we recommend checking out NuPhedrine® which combines the two most powerful pound-shedding ingredients in one pill.

This assessment provides the basis for step-by-step instructions that are peppered with some of Michaels’ signature “tough love” quips and motivational techniques, which has been proven to be extraordinary effective in terms of inspiring users, as seen on The Biggest Loser. If you’ve seen the show, you would not forget how her winning brand of motivational support and fitness expertise pushed contestant after contestant over their dieting “hump” to attain results, which they thought were unattainable. The really incredible thing about this plan is that she has found a way to create this same result, via the Internet.

In addition to great recipes, menus, and interactive message boards, perhaps the most unique feature of the Jillian Michael’s program is its focus on behavior modification. This feature has been shown to be the best method of creating long term and sustainable weight loss, thereby effectively avoiding the well-known yo-yo affect that many dieters struggle with. To expedite this process, members are consistently reminded that weight loss is as much mental as it is physical, and are encouraged to follow the plans rather innovative “7 Steps to Behavior Modification” in order to confront self-sabotaging behaviors, in an efficient and results oriented manner.

Diet Lifestyle

Online programs can really help consumers to meet their weight loss goals, and learn about fitness, while also being integrated into a busy lifestyle. This plan also provides consumers who can’t afford a personal trainer, to have one at a rather affordable price; and realize the results that go hand in hand with working with a personal trainer. There is no down side to this aspect unless you consider losing weight and toning up to be a down side.

One of the other cool features of this plan is that it includes a guide to cardio and weightlifting, as well as printable exercise cards, which makes this process so incredibly easy to follow. If you would like to use her program in conjunction with a quality fat burner that will also provide an awesome energy to help you enjoy the exercise, we recommend checking out NuPhedrine® which combines Real South African Hoodia and the patented metabolism-booster, Advantra-Z®.

Keys: Jillian Michaels Plan
1. Customized meal plan for individual body type
2. At-home exercise plan

Keys: Additional Focused Offerings
1. Fitness diary
2. Food guides
3. Message boards to find fitness buddies

• Incorporates both cardio and strength training
• Website posts lush testimonials with photos
• Comprehensive and taste satisfying Menus
• Workouts are personalized for each body type
• Customer response to this product has been overwhelmingly positive, which can be seen in the posts on this Jillian Michaels blog.

• Provides so many tools and cool features consumers may spend too much time online and not in the gym
• Free sign up has made it extremely popular, and this aspect may not last long

Final Thoughts

Even dieters who have never seen Jillian Michaels in action on television will no doubt be attracted to this incredibly successful program, which can actually provide users with results. She promises to “whip” users “into shape”, and frankly this approach really delivers results, and then some. We find that she has discovered a method by which she can deliver the same support, motivation and education to regular users, as she did with the contestants on The Biggest Loser. In the end, she seems to be able to bring consumers weight loss goals out of fantasyland and into the real world all for around $4 per month, this is an extraordinary offer.